An Introduction to Inclusive Healthcare Design

An Introduction to Inclusive Healthcare Design

Pages: 242

Publisher: Routledge

Year of Publication: 2024

Author(s) : Kiwana T. McClung, Denise M. Linton

Book Description:

An Introduction to Inclusive Healthcare Design is a comprehensive guide to the design and facilitation of safe, healthy, equitable, and inclusive healthcare settings across a variety of scales. The book informs healthcare professionals, healthcare administrators, planners, designers in the healthcare sector, design students, and faculty about best practices and considerations for inclusive design.

The primary theme for the book is design for all – considering the design of healthcare spaces through the lenses of inclusivity and social equity. Part 1 presents the reader with an overview of the variety of locations and types of healthcare settings. Part 2 provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of equitable and inclusive healthcare design and considers how these principles can be applied to the range of settings laid out in Part 1. The authors consider inclusivity-supportive infrastructure in primary and ancillary spaces within healthcare settings. Part 3 envisions the future of inclusive healthcare design, considering the integration of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, as well as addressing the ever more relevant issue of healthcare provision in settings at risk of natural disasters.